How To Search For Movies On GlobbyTV

We’ve been monitoring the website and observed that some users don’t know how to search for movies on GlobbyTV correctly.

If you are among those categories? Then this page is the best place to solve your problem. Calm down and read as we’ll explain How To Search For Movies On GlobbyTV.



To search, firstly you have to go to the search button and type the movie you’re looking for.

The search icon is directly beside the website logo for both mobile and desktop users.

                       Click The Search Icon


            Type the movie title and search

Now here’s where alot of users make mistake.

Search the movie title only! 

For example the movie you need is Shazam.

Just type Shazam into the search box. Do not type Shazam full movie, Shazam Full Movie Download, etc. You might not get a result whereas the website actually has Shazam. 

We repeat, search the movie title only!

Shazam ✅
Shazam Full Movie Download ❌
Shazam HD Quality movie ❌
Shazam Movie ❌
Shazam Movie Download ❌ etc


TV Show / Series

The same thing applies for series but there’s a little difference. Some users need a particular episode. Hence they end up search wrongly.

For Example:

You need The Witcher Season 2 episode 5. Just search The Witcher. You’ll see all seasons and episodes arranged in an ordered manner. Do not Search The Witcher Season 2 episode 5 in the search box.

You won’t get a result whereas The Witcher is on the website.

The Witcher ✅
The Witcher Season 2 Episode 5 ❌
Download The Witcher Season 2 Episode 5 ❌

Just the title is enough. Nothing more nothing less and you’ll get what you want.

Should incase you searched only the movie or series title correctly and you didn’t get a result.

Then that movie is not available on GlobbyTV as at the moment it is being searched.

Thanks for choosing GlobbyTV…


How To Search For Movies On GlobbyTV


If any movie/episode refuses to Play above, or Download below, let us know in comment section below. We will fix it as soon as possible.

Note: Movies might take a longer time to play if you have a weak internet connection or might eventually not play at all.

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